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It is our intention to provide the public in our coverage areas with a useful guide to commercial and other resources currently available. It is also our intention to provide local business with an effective and economical way to present their products and services to the public. We plan to continue our twenty year history of doing so in print with this online offering designed for today's market. We hope you find it useful.

We are committed to keeping our information as accurate and current as possible, but we can not guarantee the correctness of all information available to us, or the complete absence of all errors. We can and do commit to correcting any error or omission pointed out to us, in a prompt and courteous manner. If your information is not listed accurately please notify us and we will do so.


The information published here is public, and intended for the use of the public. No personal information will be collected from our users as a condition of use and any personal information collected with our users' consent (other than that published here) will be held in confidence and not released to any other party.


We are proud of our long track record of service to the South Metro Atlanta area and we intend to maintain it. We invite you to contact us directly in the event of any problem you feel we can help with.

Hometown Directories Inc - 770-631-9705

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